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Crowd Funding Programs

Financing a project or start up through crowd funding has become a common tool used by entrepreneurs, designers and artists. Some crowd funding projects are absurdly successful, reaping huge rewards for their founders both in doors opened and money gained. These are the exception, however. Many people jump into their crowd funding campaign and then don’t understand why people aren’t jumping in to help them. The little momentum at the beginning quickly dissipates in the middle of the campaign. This leaves project leaders scrambling and without answers….and far from their funding goals.


What separates the good from the bad, and what strategies should you take? There’s a lot to think about, from pricing & rewards to promotion to campaign management, and little mistakes can really hamper your project and turn good pre-marketing into a nightmarish scenario with little engagement.



















Here’s what we can offer:

  • We can help you strategize your campaign well before you kick it off, in order to better foresee potential obstacles that come up.

  • We can help you market your campaign with great perks.

  • We can help you communicate your campaign through great writing (editing or copy-writing available).

  • We can help you lay out and execute a good strategy throughout the campaign, including your end-game strategy for those critical last few days.

  • We can work with you during your campaign, but the best potential is to engage with us before you click “Launch”, so that we can help save you countless hours, endless frustration, and many missed opportunities.


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